Lazlo Biro
Picture 'laszlo/gif'
The first ball point pen was designed and patented by Lazlo Biro in the year of 1938.
Lazlo Biro had a brother named Georg. Lazlo Biro and his brother Georg are Hungarian. Lazlo Biro was an artist and a journalist. Lazlo Biro's brother was a chemist. The first day of the sales, Gimbels the shop sold all 10,000 pens at $12.50 each.

Another name for Lazlo Biro is Ladisias Biro. Ladislas Biro was very talented and very confident of his great abilities to invent. Some of the things that Lazlo Biro studied were medicine, art and hypnotism. In the year of 1935 Lazlo Biro was editing a small newspaper, and he was getting frustrated, because he kept having to waste his time filling his fountain pen and decided to try to invent a better way. Ink from a resevoir inside the pen flowed onto a free moving steel ball. A special ink was invented for use in ball point pens.

By: Alyssa Mc Cabe