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Model School Primary School, Northland Rd, County Londonderry

Don't Refuse To Reuse

25th Apr 2018

During Science and geography lessons, we became aware that the issue of plastic recycling is becoming critical. Up until now, China has accepted 97% of our plastic waste but due to concerns about their own environmental issues, they are now refusing our plastic. In order to raise awareness of the impending crisis, the children in Room 24 ran a campaign throughout the school to highlight this issue. In groups , they prepared a presentation for every class in the school and organised a competition that was open to all. Those who competed were asked to think up alternative uses for plastic so we can reuse it rather than bin it and therefore reduce the amount of waste we produce.

The prizes were a recycled bag and a reusable drink cup, all of which were kindly provided by Mr. Hayden....Jessica's dad. The title of the project "Don't refuse to Reuse" was created by Ava Holmes.

The class thoroughly enjoyed running the campaign and all those who entered got a prize. Many thanks to all the teachers and pupils who got involved and supported our campaign.image