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Model School Primary School, Northland Rd, County Londonderry

Physical Activity

7th Jan 2019

 Physical activity is important not only during P.E. class but throughout the school day. Here in St. Helen's SNS we ensure that all children have access to lots of  physical activity each day. We have a number of initiatives in place for this. We also make great use of our large school yard and surrounding facilities such as Paddy's Hill, the P.S.L.C and Naomh Mearnóg GAA club. 

Break times

We have two breaks throughout the day where all children go outside and play. Our yard is zoned according to class band, with 3rd/4th and 5th/6th taking turns on our large grass pitch each break. We have yard markings which encourage the children to take part in active games. Sports equipment is now provided at break time to encourage activity and all children are encouraged to 'Do their Talking as they are Walking'.In the summer months 6th class have the option to partake in a football tournament during lunchtime.

Rainy Days 

On rainy days, as the children do not get a chance to get outside for their break, it is policy that they receive an active break either in the classroom or in the PE hall. Just Dance and GoNoodle are popular choices for these activities. 

Movement Breaks + Daily Activity Challenges 

We encourage teachers to allow time for movement breaks and activity between their lessons. There is always a challenge to complete such as the Run Around Europe Challenge or the Skip the Heights Challenge which is a mandatory 10 minute daily active break for all students.

Active Homework

3rd-5th classes have engaged in the Super Troopers Active Homework Journal. Through this programme the children receive 5 minutes active homework every night. 


We have numerous active challenges, external coaching and team sports planned for this year. You can read up on these through our monthly active reports in the Active Schools section of the site.