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Model School Primary School, Northland Rd, County Londonderry

Active Schools - January

10th Feb 2019

 We have had a great active start to the new year. We kicked off the year with the 'Climb the Heights’ Skipping Challenge for the months of January and February.

 The Active School Flag encourages classes and schools to #BeActive and to work together to climb the highest peaks in Europe! Each day, every class goes outside for 10 minutes to skip. Each jump = 1km upwards. With each jump we are aiming to climb Europe's highest mountains. 

 We have loved this challenge so far! 

This coincided perfectly with the skipping workshop that all students took part in on the 17th and 18th of January. We had a visit from 'Skippy John' who taught the children some wonderful skipping tricks and techniques. This helped us to 'Climb the Heights' in style. 

This month the school has also been engaging in the Food Dudes programme. We have been learning how to properly fuel our bodies for all of this activity. Most children received the prize of a pedometer for trying new fruits and vegetables. This pedometer has come in handy to count our skips for the Climb the Heights Challenge!

 Finally, 3rd-5th class are engaging in the Super Troopers Health Homework Programme. Each day the children receive a physical activity to complete for homework which they tick off and have signed at the end of the week. This means the children have active homework everyday, encouraging them to continue their active lifestyle at home as well as in school. Visit for more information.